Baby Sign Language – Sign for Stop

Baby Sign Language
Baby Sign Language

Parents and teachers are always searching for new ways to effectively instruct their students. Speaking or shouting verbally often causes a distraction for on-task children, and are therefore not effective.

American Sign Language is a great approach to help with this issue, lessening frustration among adults and children.

It is a way that children will understand what you are saying without having to stop what you were doing at that particular moment.

One sign that I suggest learning is stop. Teachers and parents use this word on a daily basis in order to tell children to stop something they should not be doing.

Instead, you can now sign this. To sign stop, hold one palm out flat and firmly put the side of your other hand on top of it, like a karate chop.

For teachers, this is a great sign to use to improve classroom management. In a classroom of young children, it can be challenging to be sure all of your students are doing what they should be at once.

When in front of a classroom, you may find yourself telling one student across the room to stop doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

During the time you are talking to this particular student, the other children in the room have now become distracted and now you need to get them back on track as well.

If you incorporate American Sign Language signs into your program, this student will understand what you want them to do, and the rest of the class will not be distracted.

If you are teaching and notice a student fooling around or talking to a classmate, you can simply sign stop. Your lesson does not have to be interrupted and other students will not be distracted.

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Without having to shout across the room, the child will understand what you want them to do. This could also be done at home if you want your child to stop doing something, but you don’t want to interrupt something you are doing, such as talking on the phone.

Go ahead and start signing. You’ll find it can be an effective way to improve classroom management and to help your child behave at home as well.


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