Going through the Experiences of Pregnancy

Experiences of Pregnancy
Experiences of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the greatest miracles of the God’s creations. It can be very clearly expressed that it’s rare to find exactly similar case in general. Right from the initial stage pregnancy grows differently in every mother.

Though some symptoms are common but still the reaction to those symptoms are quite different in each case.

The most initial test is carried out by the home pregnancy test kit purchased by the, to be mother who is expecting a baby.

This kit is easily available at any of the general stores. There may arrive a situation when the test results are incorrect, so it is suggested that a medical check up should be carried out before jumping to conclusions.

A variety of change occurs in the moods and choices of the pregnant mother. Some are seen to be affected highly by certain smells or food, tiredness, mood swings, etc are common.

A lethargic morning is a common experience, but is suggested that inspite of all these changes the pregnant lady should get into the healthy lifestyle.

There are several do’s and don’ts for the lady. Some of the don’ts include, avoid smoking or passive smoking, avoid consumption of alcohol, etc. Some of the common do’s are drink milk, fresh juice, health drinks etc so that both the mother and the child are nourished well.

Once all these are made clear, the next requirement is to buy free sized clothes for the mother to fit in during the nine month span.

The next preparatory step for the baby will be arrange a pre nursery for it before its arrival. This may include rocking chairs, bassinet, baby blankets, attractive toys and of course zero sized clothes.

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You should prevent going close to things that may cause harm to you or your baby like paints or other harmful chemicals.

The most critical is the ninth month of the pregnancy, when the mother is expected to go through a wide range of changes both physically or mentally.

The intensity of mood swings and other desires increases extremely. The other most vital change may symbolize the arrival of the baby, when you star facing regular requirement of the bathroom, this occurs when the infant starts pushing up the bladder.

The entire weight of the pregnancy is lost with the birth of the child. A good quantity of rest is suggested at this point of time. A check up should be done before pressing yourself to any of those physical stress like exercises etc.

The suggestions given above should not be considered as a medical prescription, it should be read for information basis.


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