Keeping your Baby Clean

Keeping your Baby Clean
Keeping your Baby Clean

Very young babies don’t get dirty, so they don’t need frequent bathing but bath time provides a perfect opportunity for cuddling and playing that infants come to relish. It also gives fathers a chance to spend time with their babies. Later, bath time will be part of your baby’s bed time routine, a signal that it’s time to wind down.

While Your Baby is Young

Many parents are understandably nervous about bathing their new born baby while she is still tiny and seems so vulnerable.

It is how ever, worth remembering that a baby is quite resilient, provided she is handled gently but firmly, so try to be as confident as possible. You will be shown the safest and easiest methods for bathing your baby a few days after the birth by a staff member at the hospital.

As with all aspects of caring for your baby, bathing her will soon become second nature once you’ve given your selves time to get used to it. The first few times, your baby may get quite distressed when she’s being bathed, so don’t feel you have to bathe her every day. Thorough cleansing using the topping and tailing method out lined below is quite sufficient.

Topping and Tailing

Topping and tailing means cleaning your baby thoroughly by washing her face, hands, and diaper area, with out undressing her completely.

You can do this most days as part of your baby’s diaper changing and dressing routine and then just give her a bath every two or three days. This will save you time and is less distressing for your baby.

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Bathing Tips

To bathe your baby as quickly and as safely as possible.

* Wash or bathe her in a room that is warm and draft free it doesn’t have to be the bath room. Use a pail to carry the water and to fill and empty the bath.

* If you use a sponge and face cloth, make sure they are reserved strictly for your baby’s use and wash them frequently.

* Never poke around in side your baby’s ears with a cotton bud you could easily damage her delicate eardrum. Only remove ear wax that is visible at the opening.

Bathing Your Baby

Choose a bath time that suits you and your baby, it doesn’t always have to be in the evening, especially if your baby tends to be fretful at that time of day.

How ever, if you’re working parents, bathing your baby in the evening is often a good way for you to spend time with him; you can even take a bath with him when he’s older to make it more fun. Make sure you have all of the items you need with in easy reach.


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