Parenting Skills: All the Things to Know

parenting skills

No one is born with flawless parenting skills. Just like the other skills, it is something you learn along the way. It is something you do, practice, and implement with determination and dedication. Ask any parent you know and no one is ready to be parents and practice good skills. When your baby is born, your responsibility starts. Since there is no school for parents, the best thing that you can do is to do your best and stick to it.

The Concept of Right and Wrong
There is a wide range of becoming good parents. Remember, though, that there is no such a thing as the perfect parents. The best thing that you can do is to view your personal life and the culture inside your little family. Make adjustments and cope with them. Just because family A gets the award as the best family, it doesn’t mean that their methods will be suitable and perfect when implemented in your family. Each family is unique. Once you understand it, you know how to implement the best method and you can decide which one is perfect for your needs.

Keep in mind that there is nothing right or wrong in the parenting skills. Whatever you learn along the way can be adopted into your personal parenting style. Again, how you teach your kids depend on your situation, culture, and personal value. Never try to compare parenting style between yourself and others. Don’t try to discourage yourself, thinking that you aren’t enough or you are doing something wrong.

Elements in Parenting Skills
Again, although there is no such thing as the perfect parents, there are some of the most important elements that you should have within the skills. What is the parenting skill definition, anyway? You see, the parenting skills would help shape your kids become productive, healthy and successful individuals. A child needs to have healthy emotion and physique. No one will be ready for such a huge responsibility but you need to start it at some point.

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So, what kind of elements should be included within the solid parenting skills?

  • Discipline. This is one of the most important skills – even causing controversy on its own. Teaching the kids about discipline won’t be easy. Don’t forget that kids will cry and fight back. They will use their cries to get what they want. However, if you are able to stand your ground, your kids will learn that they won’t always get what they want – no matter how loud they scream, fight, or cry. This element causes controversies quite often because parents have different views and opinions. But then again, once you have made a decision, stick to it.
  • Education. Education happens anywhere, even outside the school. When your kids ask you something and you try your best to use simple words to make them understand, it is a part of the education. Teaching them what’s good and what’s wrong, or why they should do this instead of that is a part of this process.
  • Nurture. No child ever asks to be born to this world. It is the parents who make the decision to bring another life to the planet. Be sure that you can provide enough safe shelter, enough food, and make sure of their welfare when you want to have kids. Your kids may not need fancy, expensive stuffs or abundance of toys, but they do need the basic stuffs.
  • Moral foundation. It is not about being all religious or some sort – your kids need to know what’s right and wrong. They need to know the basic moral foundation. They should know about fairness, justice, and such thing alike. They should learn about responsibility. They should know about how to respect others.
  • Communication skill. This is an element that is often overlooked. But how do you expect your kids to learn how to communicate properly if you have never taught them? Teach them the proper (and correct) ways to convey concepts, ideas, and thoughts. They should learn about listening and then conveying messages. You may not realize this but this can be a challenges aspect to cover.
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Managing the Work
Just because you are mastering the parenting skills, it doesn’t mean that you restrict your kids’ rights and privilege as a free human being. As the parents, you have the responsibility to bring out the best qualities of your kids and to direct them in the right path. Just because you aren’t the perfect parents, it doesn’t mean that you can’t set the standard high. In fact, you should always set your bar high enough – striving to do the best.

So, how should you manage your responsibility as parents?

  • Be a role model. When you set up the good example, you should provide examples as the role model. Kids learn through imitation. In fact, we all do because humans are creatures that learn the best through imitation. It would be useless for you to say all the good things only without actually doing it. You should walk the walk. If you want to set up good examples, you should do the good things.
  • Be loving. Loving your kids so much won’t spoil them. Giving them hugs and kisses won’t turn them into spoiled brats. In fact, showing your love can improve the bond between parents and kids. Mind you, though, that loving your kids doesn’t mean to shower them with stuffs or fancy things. Showering them with hugs and kisses and attention would be more appropriate.
  • Be their safe haven. Simply being there for them will show them that you will always be available, no matter what. Be sensitive to their needs and signals. Kids know when you are being responsive and caring instead of being ignorant and cold.
  • Build good communication. If you want to teach them about good communication, you need to do the same. Listen to what they say and then convey your message. It won’t be easy but it will set up a good foundation for good communication.
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Every family has their own rules and foundation. Know for sure what you want to achieve from the parenting skills so you can implement the best for the family.


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