A Primer In Newborn Baby Care

A Primer In Newborn Baby Care
A Primer In Newborn Baby Care

A new baby can be cute, cuddly – and downright scary! If you are a new parent, the responsibility for that little one is a heavy weight to shoulder indeed. \

The first piece of advice for a new parent is usually to relax, and try to enjoy those first few days and weeks with your new bundle.

This will be much easier if you are well-armed with a few basics in newborn baby care. Consider this; your precious little one will do little else than sleep, eat, and dirty diapers in the first few weeks of life. These three processes are the first parenting basics that you need to know for your newborn’s baby care.


The first thing you need to know about newborn baby care is that your infant will sleep about sixteen hours every day at first. This sleep is generally done in increments of three to four hours, since that is as long as a baby’s digestive system can go without nourishment.

Because your newborn will spend so much time in sleep mode, it is important that you provide the proper setting for him to catch his Z’s. A bassinette or crib that has been cleared of all excess bedding and pillows will provide the safest environment. It is also important to place your baby on his back for sleeping, since this reduces the risk of SIDS.


Babies need to be fed every two to four hours in the early days and weeks of life. This is true for babies that are nursed as well as those that are fed from a bottle.

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While demand feeding (offering food when the baby seems hungry) is a good approach, it can be used in tandem with a loosely monitored feeding schedule that will allow an infant’s digestive system to be regulated.

This approach to newborn baby care tends to be easier with bottle-fed infants, since it is easier to keep track of how much the baby is eating. Burping is an important part of the feeding process, since it allows air taken in during sucking to escape before getting into the tummy.


Once you have made your decision on whether to use cloth or disposable diapers, you might think that you have done your job in this area of newborn baby care.

Not so! Besides diapers, you will also need to stock up on diaper wipes, diaper ointment, cotton balls and a clean washcloth. Newborns have very sensitive skin, so you must use care when cleaning your baby’s bottom.

Some parents prefer to use a washcloth and warm water instead of baby wipes, although there are many wipes available that do not contain any harsh chemicals that can damage your infant’s skin.

It is very important as a part of newborn baby care to change your child frequently, since wetness on the bottom can contribute to diaper rash.

New babies are a wonderful addition to the family, especially when you are armed with the most up-to-date information on newborn baby care to prepare you for tending to your new little bundle.


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