Sex Determination

Sex Determination
Sex Determination

Are you newly pregnant and interested in your baby’s sex determination? You want to determine baby gender so that you can decide whether to paint the bay nursery pink or blue? For a couple, becoming parents brings both excitement and anxiety. In order to reduce this anxiety many parents to be like to find out a child’s gender. But no one knows what the correct ways are to find out whether is it a girl or is it a boy.

What is Sex Determination?

Sex determination is a biological system that tells about sexual characteristic of the baby developing in a pregnant woman’s womb.

Before looking at the ways for sex determination, what you must know is about conception and male sperms. Whether it’s a boy or girl depends on the chromosomes combination. Women possess XX sex chromosomes and males have XY sex chromosomes.

If you want a boy then the couple must make sure they conceive during the time when a female is ovulating. Planning a baby at that time helps. The male sperm cell, which carries a Y chromosome swims quicker than female’s chromosome.

So allow the male sperm to swim to female sperm before it dies.

If you want a baby girl, then make love before the woman is ovulating.

Sex Determination through Ultrasound

If you are not confident enough about the time when you conceived then you can determine baby gender via ultrasound.

Ultrasound is one of the popular and widely used ways to determine a baby’s gender developing inside your belly.

Through a vivid picture that shows vital genital parts in a case of a boy or curves in the case of a girl, parents-to-be can give a rest to their worries.

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The Gender Prediction Test

Science keeps getting advanced at every stage and as far as sex determination is concerned, there is no lagging. Through baby gender prediction test one can determine a baby’s gender right after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

In today’s age when DNA is easily analyzed, doctors make use of fetal cells and DNA to obtain a child’s gender.

The fetal cells that make their way to a mother’s bloodstream during the gestation period, from 6th week of pregnancy to the date of birth, contain DNA. If the DNA exhibits signs of Y chromosomes, then its a boy. If results are negative then it’s a girl.

So now determining a baby gender is part of the applied science. And there is no harm to the mother as the blood is used to determine the baby’s gender.

Whether you want to wait for 6 weeks or longer is totally up to you. But both ultrasound and gender prediction test are known to give accurate results. Knowing the baby’s gender while it’s in womb can be very pleasing for some parents-to-be and their families. Certain people who want to start planning welcome parties and baby nursery find such test very helpful. People like to give accurate child kits to the new born baby and so such couples are pro determining baby gender.

Other Sex Determining Tests

Besides ultrasound and baby gender prediction test, one can find other solution in hospitals or market. There are several methods that are used to determine a baby’s gender. Some that based on advanced technology and some are based on simple principles and easy to use methods. You can take of these methods as the pregnancy progresses

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Urine Test

There are few baby gender tests available in the market that work just like a pregnancy test. Use urine sample on these to determine the baby gender. These take a home baby gender tests can be easily used after six weeks of woman’s pregnancy.


Blood Test

A home test for baby gender this uses a mother’s blood sample to find out whether it’s a girl or a boy developing inside the womb. If the blood sample results in a blue color, it’s a boy and for pink it’s a girl.

Amniocentesis for Baby Gender

A pregnant woman can learn the baby’s gender by amniocentesis as early as 15 to 18 weeks. Though normally undertaken for a woman aged over 32, amniocentesis is known to give almost 90% accurate results.

All the above tests help to find out whether it’s a combination of XY chromosomes or XX chromosomes. A boy is a result of XY chromosomes where the X sex chromosomes comes from a female and Y sex chromosomes comes from a male.

None of these methods cause any harm to either child or mother. So next time you wonder whether it will be a boy or a girl, you know what to do. It’s just you have to decide what is the right time to determine your baby’s gender or can this wait till the birth.


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