Top Five Baby Furniture Must Haves

Top Five Baby Furniture Must Haves
Top Five Baby Furniture Must Haves

If you’re expecting a baby, then it would do you well to expect additional expenses too. With the many things that you would have to buy, you need to differentiate between pieces of baby furniture that are absolutely necessary and those that are mere fills. Here are the absolute top five baby furniture pieces that you should have in your nursery.


Whether you’re planning to co-sleep with your baby at night, you would still need to have a sturdy and safe baby crib. The crib is the only piece of baby furniture on which you may safely leave your baby unattended for a short period of time.

Cribs are made with safety in mind these days especially since the government and product controllers have set certain guidelines for product users’ safety. Otherwise, crib models would never make it out on the market. You should still be extra careful and vigilant though. Even to this day, there are crib product recalls. The recalls usually happen when certain features are discovered to be potentially dangerous. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for online news on recent product recalls.

Portable Crib/ Playpen

Even with nursery cribs, it would still be a practical idea to have a portable playpen or a portable baby crib. Portables like these would come in handy for parents who would like to enjoy family trips and picnics with their babies.

Like nursery cribs, standard portable cribs are also manufactured with your baby’s safety in mind. Do remember though that like standard cribs, portables may also be recalled if they have features that may still be improved on. Some parents also use portable cribs as their main nursery crib. It is probably safest though not to use portables as all around cribs.

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Cabinet/ Changing Table

Of course you can’t do without some space to store all those baby diapers, clothes and miscellaneous items. A sturdy cabinet with back brackets would be a good piece of furniture to store baby items in.

To save you some cash, you should consider buying a baby cabinet that can double as a changing table. This way, you only have to buy one piece of furniture that can perform two functions.

A good design would be a piece with a changing table on top and open shelves or drawers below to hold baby items. The top storage compartment could hold diapers and other changing articles to make baby changing an easier chore.

High Chair

As soon as your baby finds out that he can sit and move around while feeding, things can begin to get really messy. You don’t want to forever keep chasing after your baby. This is why you need a good high chair for baby meal time. Pick one with a wide sturdy base to prevent tipping accidents.

Toy Box

Teaching your child to clean his room should begin as early as the baby and toddler stages. This is why it is probably a good idea for you to get your child a toy box. Teach him to store his toys after play so that he can carry over the habit until adulthood. Pick a toy box that doesn’t have a heavy lid.

It should also ideally have a lock in place spring to prevent the lid from falling on your child. Other safe designs include the open storage piece that is easy for your baby to use

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