Trouble Getting Pregnant

Trouble Getting Pregnant
Trouble Getting Pregnant

Women who experience trouble getting pregnant may or may not have fertility issues. Sometimes it is the partner who has is infertile.

Most  couples are successful in getting pregnant if they give themselves an adequate amount of time.

Research has shown that it can take up to one and a half years of trying. However, some couples experience difficulty due to some habits which can be easily avoided. The following are some of the reasons why a couple may have trouble getting pregnant.

Smoking has been proven to greatly tamper with conception. The nicotine in the cigarettes may cause infertility due to reduced sperm count and damaged ova.

Cigarette smoke is dangerous to your health and it brings a lot of complications once in the blood system or worse especially for unborn babies.

Some illicit drugs, even alcohol, can also cause infertility. They may suppress the production of hormones or decrease the sperm count, even worse, cause erectile dysfunction.

Some women may experience irregularity in their periods, making it harder to conceive. Alcohol may tamper with the women’s chances of conceiving.

If you are currently experiencing trouble getting pregnant, you had better check the amount of caffeine you are ingesting.

Caffeine, from most beverages, increases chances of a potential miscarriage and consequently increases infertility. If you are addicted to caffeine, gradually wean down your intake to increase fertility.

Poor, unhealthy diet has also been noted to contribute to infertility. Proper nutrition is very essential for the hormonal balance and proper functioning of the body.

The body needs reserves of minerals, vitamins and proteins so that it can prepare for a child and improve the overall health of the ova and the sperms. Lack of these reserves can reduce the chances of conceiving.

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Obesity, lack of exercise and rocketing body mass indexes contribute heavily to ill health. Some exercise is recommended so as to reduce the health risks associated with being overweight. Avoid stress as much as possible as it can also cause health problems. Try relaxing environments or stress relieving exercises such as deep, slow breathing. Taking warm baths is advised so as to improve the sperm quality.

Optimal health is essential in people of advanced age to increase libido. Libido enhancing drugs can be taken to help those people deal with the libido issues. The perfect timing of the intercourse is also one of the most crucial ways to avoid trouble getting pregnant.


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