Ways to Get Pregnant Fast

Ways to Get Pregnant Fast
Ways to Get Pregnant Fast

Trying to get pregnant fast? Completing the family with children is one of the biggest dreams come true. But at times it does not happen as quickly as you want it to happen. It might take time; months, years and many at times longer. But it does not mean that there is something wrong with you it is just you who needs the correct method, technique and some other knick knacks to make the dream of your complete family come true

Top 10 Tips on Getting Pregnant Fast

Have Sex three times a weekIt is the best way to get pregnant, having regular sex. The worst part is couples only have sex when they think that the wife is ovulating but they completely stop if it is not an ovulating cycle. At times a woman might not ovulate when they think they are. Thus having regular sex will increase the chances of pregnancy.Monitor you ovulation cycle through an ovulation kit or fertility monitor for getting pregnant faster

Ovulation kit

The prediction of someone’s ovulation period will increase the chances of conception. This kit is useful as many at times the perdition of an ovulation cycle is very confusion and inaccurate. Monitors namely Clear Blue monitor is one of the best investment when you are looking for the best and the fastest methods to get pregnant.  These monitors will not however increase you chance in getting pregnant but the best thing they do is to speculate your ovulation periods accurately which is the best help when planning to get pregnant quickly

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Having sex before ovulation speeds up the pregnancy process

Normally people wait for the ovulation cycle to start. But keep in mind that after the ovaries releases the egg it only lasts for 24 hours inside the woman whereas the sperm is able to survive for 2-3 days. Thus when you have sex after the ovulation you might or might not get pregnant but then having sex before the ovulation cycle speeds up your process to parenthood

Prediction method of calendar ovulation is old

Normally couples while trying to get pregnant have sex on the fourteenth day of the woman’s ovulation period but many women do not ovulate just on the fourteenth day. Therefore, ovulation method is inaccurate, making it tough for the couple to conceive.

Don’t rely on fertility chart alone to get pregnant faster

It is recommended by doctors and researchers that fertility charts are always less accurate than a ovulation prediction kit.

See the doctor before getting pregnant

It is better to your gynaecologist or your regular physician. Chances of getting pregnant can be affected by various reasons like infections, STI( sexually transmitted infections), or poor health. It is also suggested that you take vitamins and keep yourself fit before trying to get pregnant

It is better to stay away from the three sins: drink, drugs and smoke

These three things affect your fertility as well as can harm the unborn child if by chance you have conceived. It is better to stop these before trying to get pregnant

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Have enjoyable sex

Never let sex become an obligation to get pregnant. Remember as long as it is not looking like work it is for your best to conceive. It is also believed that having orgasms during sex also increases your chances of getting pregnant. It is said that the moments which are involved in an orgasm helps in pulling the sperm into the uterus. For men attaining orgasm increases their sperm count.

Having sex in specific positions helps the survival of the sperm for a longer time

Many positions are assured by sex councillors to have more positive effect on you for getting pregnant. Keep in mind that positions where the woman is on top lets the sperm not actually go through your vagina. Many councillors also suggest that putting a pillow under the woman’s hips will tilt her pelvic portion. Never directly  get up after sex. Calm down and stay there for a while. Enjoy the moment.

There is nothing like trying too hard to be pregnant

Most of the couples are happy with the tips ad conceive within a year. If conceiving still is a problem then it is better to consult a doctor.

5 Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant Fast

The Missionary Pose

The best position for getting pregnant is when a man is said to be on the top. This is due to the fact that the deepest penetration happens when the man is above the woman. This then allows the sperms to get stored in the cervix

  1. Raise the Hips

    When the woman’s hips are raised then it becomes easier for the woman to be exposed to the semen.

  2. Doggy Style

    Even though it might not be one of the conventional positions to get pregnant but then it is through this position that the sperm is deposited nearest to the cervix.

  3. Side by Side

    When having sex while lying beside each other it also gives you higher chances if conceiving

  4. Orgasms

    Like already mentioned that having orgasms increase your chances of getting pregnant. Pregnancy is also a process from being a couple and then getting another life into your lives and loving him/ her more than ever. Thus it is essential to remain positive, focussed and stay calm. When people tell you about their success pregnancy story you should never be the one who should be disheartened. It takes different amount of time for everyone.

Some people might just take 2 months another couple might take up to a year. Thus the speed is also depended on your life style, your chemistry between each other, your genetic make, your health and millions of other factor which makes getting a child into your lives even more complex. But you have to remember that it is worth the wait.  So having negative feelings will never get you pregnant. Be positive and these ways to get pregnant fast will definitely work for you.

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