Yoga: Tips and Exercises for Pregnancy

Tips and Exercises for Pregnancy
Tips and Exercises for Pregnancy

Exercises for Pregnancy

Yoga is one of the greatest techniques in world for being away from stress and tension. This has some techniques which help people who are pregnant and in some countries this is being treated as the technique only available for pregnancy. The main reason for people considering in this manner is yoga helps pregnant woman to feel relax, flexible to situation and prepares themselves to giving birth to a new child.

If you are the one interested in learning this kind of yoga then there are many ways like moving to yoga class or with a help of yoga books you can do the same at home or using video tapes. But make sure of one thing before doing any one of this, consult your physician whether this kind of yoga suits your body condition or not.

The reason for telling this is that if you have normal pregnancy then there is no harm in doing yoga but this is not the same case with other kind of pregnancy. Also if you do yoga for conceiving a baby then you should stop that yoga once you are conceived hence consulting with your yoga professional as well as physician is the good choice before doing any one.

The reason for pregnant woman advised to do yoga is that it teaches them how to relax, breath, stretch and even how to strengthen their body, mind and spirit during pregnancy and even after that.

Here are certain exercises for pregnancy that you should avoid during your pregnancy period. These positions are to be avoided during various periods in pregnancy. In fifth month of pregnancy uterus will grow at a rapid speed and turns heavier than what it is before. so, in this time if you are the one who is doing yoga like lying back for more than 10 minutes then avoid it as a whole. Because this compresses blood vessels as a result blood flow to uterus decreases as well as the oxygen to baby decreases.

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Also in the same month your stomach may look bigger than it is seen earlier hence lying down in stomach is also not good. It is better to avoid yoga positions which you feel uncomfortable as your stomach grows bigger proportionally to the number of months.

I think now you are aware of what exercises that you should not do and in what period. Now here is the brief description of what are the exercises for pregnancy one should do in their early and ending stages.

First is the “pregnancy sit up”. This sit up helps you to keep the position of your baby in stomach in correct manner. First lie on the floor on your back with hands holding the neck. Take a long breathe inside with head and shoulders up, then twist to the left. Release your breath as you go back to normal position. The same has to be repeated for the twist on the right. This helps your abdominal muscles to be strong to hold your baby.

Next is the “Modified Child’s Pose”. This helps the pelvic area to open widely along with a comfortable position to rest. Rest on the floor by keeping your knees wide apart then bend forward. While bending forward keep your arms together and rest your chin on that. Repeating the same for few minutes helps the pregnant woman to rest fully relaxed and comfortably.

“Modified Forward Bend” this is also same as the above one helps to open pelvic area. The pose for this is just sit on floor by widening your thighs to make your abdomen rest inside the gap. Then just bend forward and hold the toes with your hands. While bending forward try to keep knees straight else doing this is of no use.

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“Cobra Pose” this is a simple exercise for pregnancy. Stand straight with feet nearby or wide as you feel comfortable with hand at the back. Take long breath and move your head backwards and breathe gently. Then push your arms and chest back by taking a fresh breathe. After doing this push your hip forward this will reduce the abdominal pressure and strengthens the legs.

“Modified Cat Pose” this strengthens the lower back limber as well as the legs. Keep your head straight and lift one leg up behind you by inhaling fresh air repeat the same with other leg too. While raising your leg behind you hold your breath and exhale when your lower the same.

“Wall Butterfly” this pose also opens pelvic area and strengthens legs and spine. The position for this is lying with buttocks on floor with soles together and feet touching the wall with knees open. Then push forward by hands so that knees touch the wall.

There are several other exercises for pregnancy of the same type to open up pelvic area like wall squatting and pelvic lift. All these helps pregnant woman to open pelvic area so that they could feel comfortable during their delivery.
Other than these there are some other perineal exercises. Lie down on your back with ankles crossed. Then tilt the pelvis up by pressing against the floor with your buttocks. While doing this exhale the breath with thighs together.

This will contract the pelvis. Try to hold the breath for few seconds and then inhale and relax. Next is just by sitting, squatting or standing with your feet. Release the breath to contract the muscles of anal sphincter. After this try to keep in same pose for 5 seconds then exhale and relax. By exhaling again vaginal muscles contracts.
These perineal exercises make the muscles of pelvic, anal and vaginal area strong and healthy. Also this makes the muscles to stretch freely while giving birth.

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As yoga has so many good things for pregnant woman, it is considered as one of the best technique for keeping pregnant woman’s health and body in good condition. If you are the one who is pregnant and thinks of doing yoga exercises for pregnancy for the betterment of you and your child then without hesitation get into this act. But once again I’m reminding here that whoever peeps into yoga during pregnancy please consult with the physician and any yoga specialist before continuing it further as it may lead to some other health problems.


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